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Let’s Draw Christoph

 “A day without Christoph is a day without sunshine.”


Step 1: Choose your favorite photo.

A.pngStep 2: Draw a circle to serve as a guide for the front plane of the face. Draw a small inner circle to roughly set where the ear will fall. Drop a line from the circle to serve as baseline for where the eye, brow ridge, nose, lip, and chin will fall.


Step 3: Drop down horizontal lines where you estimate features will fall.Divide the face into the front panel and the side panel (where the ear is located). Now on the eye line, draw circles where you think the pupils will fall. Then roughly sketch in the jaw, the chin, and other features.


Step 4: Start adding details. The more the merrier. Observe as much as you can. If you see any discrepancies in proportion and details, corect them immediately. (But if you’re working in photoshop, you can make corrections later on. Especially for problems concerning proportion).

Step 5: Add shading, and create highlights. model the features. Now, set it next to the photo. See more glaring mistakes? Now you can go back in and make corrections.


admittedly, it’s not a work of art, but that’s what Waltzitis does to you, makes you a lunatic to draw these pictures. The goal is to keep striving with the condition, not against it, and maybe one day, we can make that piece of artwork that will make someone else say:

“Give me Christoph or give me death.”

Christoph is a Roman Legate, 145 ad

Christoph is a Roman Legate, 145 ad

While searching for the cause of the first plague in Rome, we accidentally discovered an alternate reality Christoph Waltz, who served under the rule of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. (Unfortunately, during our visit there, someone left the settings of our camera in black and white.)

Our project leader, found the record of this illustrious roman official whose activities ranged from overseeing aqueduct building, to leading troops into battle, notably the defeat of the Gaulish Barbarian leader, Vortigern (great grand son of Vercingetorix).

He accompanied the Emperor as he rode in triumph through the streets of Rome. In gratitude, he was awarded governorship of the province of Ostia.

He became a close friend and advisor of the Emperor and assisted him throughout his reign.


Combat Veteran Christoph Waltz

Combat Veteran Christoph Waltz

Today in alternate universe 07.17.2016, the team is touched to find that Cmdr. Christoph Waltz is serving in the Austrian Special Forces.

Thru an imperial scholarship, he trained at the prestigious Theresian Military Academy in Castle Weiner Neustadt. Graduating with a starred first. (He returned there to serve as Commandant in 2000-2002.)

His first combat assignment was to assist the British Special Forces in the Falklands War in 1982 where he earned a commendation award from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

He has served tours of duty in Kuwait,Iraq, Egypt, and notably Afghanistan, where he received a bronze star for rescuing the crew of a downed MedEvac helicopter.

Currently he serves at the EU Central Forces Committee and oversees various operations in the region.