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cheers to our medic corps


Medic christoph assists wounded corpsman in recent operation. Oorah!


Christoph on fire


Cristoph practicing the Fireman’s Carry at a training session for medics. Doesn’t he look heroic, ladies?

WWII Medic Cristoph survives Battle of the Bulge


Jan 25, 1945   — Ardennes Forest, Belgium. In Alternate Reality 7.21.2016 a battle weary but nonetheless unhurt Lt. Cristoph Waltz, Paras Medic is finally taken off the front line and is returning to base after an entire month and a half of helping the wounded and dying in the snow.

He hails from Youngstown, Pennyslvania, the son of German immigrants. He also serves as interpreter for the 101st Airborne Division under Gen. Anthony McAuliffe.

Rogue Pilot Christoph


Christoph is a member of Green Squadron,  a specialised division of A-Wing Class Fighter Interceptors. Stationed in Coruscant, he is considered one of the deadliest fighter pilots of the Rebel Alliance. In the Battle of Endor alone, he took down a record 38 tie fighters before being shot by a Sith apprentice.

Currently he is training the next generation of rebel pilots at an undisclosed galactic star system in the Outer Rim.

Long Live the Rebel Alliance!

Christoph as soldier of the Night’s Watch

-Snow.jpgHalf brother to Lady Lyanna, Chris is the illegitimate son of Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

The unexpected death of his Aunt, left his 12 year old half-sister, Lyanna, to rule Bear Island. To allay her fears that he would wage war to wrest the crown from her, he made a sacrifice and joined the Night’s Watch to prove that he had no designs on the throne..

Currently, he serves as a ranger under Jon Snow of House Stark.

Christoph is a Roman Legate, 145 ad

Christoph is a Roman Legate, 145 ad

While searching for the cause of the first plague in Rome, we accidentally discovered an alternate reality Christoph Waltz, who served under the rule of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. (Unfortunately, during our visit there, someone left the settings of our camera in black and white.)

Our project leader, found the record of this illustrious roman official whose activities ranged from overseeing aqueduct building, to leading troops into battle, notably the defeat of the Gaulish Barbarian leader, Vortigern (great grand son of Vercingetorix).

He accompanied the Emperor as he rode in triumph through the streets of Rome. In gratitude, he was awarded governorship of the province of Ostia.

He became a close friend and advisor of the Emperor and assisted him throughout his reign.